FLU Clinics - please call the office to book your flu shot

October 18 (Friday) – 1:00pm - 3:45pm       Dr. O’Brien - FULL

October 19 (Saturday) – 9:00am – 12:00pm    Nurse Caren - FULL

October 22 (Tuesday) - 9:00am - 12:00pm     Dr. O'Brien - FULL

October 23 (Wednesday) – 9:00am – 12:00pm    Dr. Giles - FULL

October 25 (Friday) – 8:10am – 12:30pm    Dr. Adewumi - FULL

October 30 (Wednesday) – 9:00am – 12:00pm    Dr. Giles - FULL

October 29 (Tuesday) – 1:00pm-3:00pm    Dr. O’Brien

November 2 (Saturday)  – 9:00am – 12:00pm    Nurse Caren

Same day appointments

Please call our office if you need to be seen on the same day as we usually keep appointments open for emergencies for Crescent Beach Medical Arts patients.  You may not be able to see your own physician, however all the doctors in the office have access to your medical records. 

Online Booking

 You can now book you appointments online.  Please email our office for your username and password. 

Please call or email us to update your records of any changes to your home or email addresses, telephone number or name.